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Red light camera and the law

I went to the traffic court the other day since I had received a citation for not stopping at a red light signal while making a right turn. It was one of those automatic red light camera tickets, and I had received two of them in a month at the red light signal just outside my neighborhood ( apart from these I have no tickets since the last ten years or so), and I promptly went ahead and paid $400.00 plus for the first ticket including the traffic school fees.

For the second ticket I decided to go to court (no self respecting lawyer should pay more than once), now the judge was a good natured person who started off saying that, all right turn red light camera tickets will be automatically reduced to $100.00 (hurrah!) and the second thing I wanted to share was that he humorously suggested that there were too many of these red light camera’s in Alameda county and so please when you drive around and plan to drive through a red light wear a “baseball cap and sun glasses” so that if you are ticketed I will have to dismiss the ticket stating that the person driving the vehicle was not identifiable and he did dismiss quite a few people’s citations.

Now, that is a way to get around law and technology! Thanks for the tip judge, I will try it next time.


June 16, 2007 - Posted by | Technology and law

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