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The Ongoing Privacy Battle

Google and privacy issues have been synonymous lately. Google continues to forge ahead with personalization projects and it’s new product iGoogle has personalized home pages that store a slew of content preferences based on user names, and not on anonymous IP address which Google uses to store individual search data.

Privacy International has characterized Google as “an endemic threat to privacy” .

Google and other companies who come up with the latest technology tracking people in the normal course of their lives and their searches over the net and thus keeping tab on their day to day activities, come up with defenses stating that all the information gathered is confidential or that the appropriate security measures have been taken, but the problem is that these so called security measures don’t stand the test of time because there are others out there who are always prying and snooping and take it up as a challenge to hack through these security technology and they do and will succeed.

Cracking through these security measures put up by the likes of Google, gives these hackers a thrill and such information could fall into the wrong hands. As naive as it may sound my question is who is profiting from developing all this technology that snatches away people’s identity and peace from themselves. The reality of life is that unless one wants to live in a cave in isolation, just conducting normal day to day activities and being part of the society threatens people’s privacy and people have become a pawn in this game.

June 20, 2007 - Posted by | privacy, Security, Technology, Uncategorized

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  1. Interesting post. The concern about privacy and Google has definately reached an all time high in the past few weeks.

    It does of course has its benefits… but unfortunately with the good come the bad.

    I definately think that there is perhaps a need for the handling of such information to be regulated by a third party.

    I mean picture Google in ten years. Google is great but sadly, it is in fact its own worst enemy!

    Comment by tigerplug | June 20, 2007 | Reply

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