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My cell phone has tons of features, most of which I don’t use, don’t know how to and don’t even know exist! My son is barely 11 years old and he can navigate with ease through any kind of electronic gizmo without reading any manual or instructions. The “now generation” seem to be wired at birth to these things.

Watch any preteen or teenager and they are always online or talking or fiddling with their cell phones and some of these kids don’t always use technology with the best of intentions. It is bad enough that lots of kids have to put up with regular old fashioned bullying but cyberbullying seems to be the latest form of harrassment by text messaging and on online social networks like MySpace. In some cases it becomes so bad that kids have committed suicide since they haven’t been able to handle it.

This has led to efforts by lawmakers to control it and Marian Merritt an internet safety advocate says that “when bullying becomes a personal attack or identity theft, it can be easier to handle as legal precedents exist”. This informative article titled “Web’s now the playground for kid’s who like to bully” discusses the problem and gives some suggestions on how to handle cyberbullying.


July 3, 2007 - Posted by | cyberlaw

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  1. Yes now days children’s much more things than what we people know.

    Comment by Apostille | May 10, 2009 | Reply

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