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Executive or Unethical Privilege

President Bush in the course of his presidential term has acted like a dictator, especially in his second term when middle class America can no longer be hoodwinked by his “fighting against terrorism and for freedom cause”.

No President in the history of this nation has misused his presidential powers and twisted the law to suit his needs to cloak his blatant misdeeds. Bush by claiming executive privilege to protect himself and his cronies like Cheney and by silencing former presidential aides Sara M. Taylor and Harriet E. Miers, from tesifying before Congress whom Congress has subpoenaed, has once again displayed his inadequacies, insecurity and misuse of power and has shown the world what a bully he is and if his former aides are allowed to claim executive privilege then this will set a precedent for future President’s to override our nation’s founding father’s checks and balance approach and Congresses power to restrain the unauthorized power of the executive branch and set an example of corruption, maladministration and inefficiencies.

Talking about corruption I was reading professor Lessig’s  blog in which he mentions that he wants to do something about corruption and I think this misuse of executive privilege area might be something he could chew on and take a stance.


July 12, 2007 - Posted by | Executive Privilege

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