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Steve Job’s Marketing Strategy

Did I say that I closed the loop on the Apple iPhone saga, sorry not quite… Steve Jobs also said — sorry that he had to slash the price of the super duper gadget, here you go, for you suckers I will give you back $100, as a store credit. It did pacify a lot of people.

Steve being the savvy marketing guy that he is, actually is only getting back the $100 and more which the early iPhone adapters and wannabe cool people stood in line for (and felt so good doing that) and paid $599, because when these people go back to an Apple store it is most likely that they will end up spending much more than $100, for there is really not many things that one can buy for $100 except for the iPod shuffle and few accessories, even their back to school backpack costs $99.95! Also if someone paid $599 to be an early adapter they surely will be tempted to splurge some more.

So here is Steve Jobs seemly magnanimous and caring but what it really boils down to is good PR plus more money in Apple’s coffers.


September 7, 2007 - Posted by | Apple, Marketing, Steve Jobs

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