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Spam and Online Interactions.

It’s the holiday season and so watch out for increased spam activity. With holiday shopping in the air, and everyone shopping for deals in the Internet and businesses targeting consumers with ads, coupons and discount deals, spammers join the band wagon and slip spam ads, content and viruses under the cover of great advertising deals.

Another way that spammers trick the users is by propagating worms. One of the most popular one is the storm worm which was spread by sending out legitimate appearing messages with things like current news events and online greeting cards as the subject matter thus seemingly innocuous or purported messages from IRS and other government agencies so that the user clicks on it and then the malware gets downloaded into the users computer. The virus links itself with other computers by p2p networking and embeds itself into the users computer.

Spam and worms can also be disseminated through common email attachments like excel spread sheets, power point etc. As a precaution it is advisable not to open an email if you don’t know the sender and as a general rule don’t open the mail in the junk box unless accidentally an email from a known sender was redirected to the junk box.

Basically the spammers focus and work on the human weakness of getting good deals or not passing one up, being curious about keeping abreast of current events and most importantly on the misplaced belief that it could happen to others but not me. All the firewall and anti-virus software can block spam only to a certain extent since hackers and spammers find ways to get around it so, ultimately common sense has to prevail in all online interactions.


December 4, 2007 - Posted by | On-line world, spam

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