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Get Educated On Copyright Law.

Copyright law issues are most commonly misunderstood or misconstrued and Copyright law and infringement is one of the areas where most people lack knowledge and do not educate themselves. When it comes to criminal law, tax, personal injury or most other fields of law people at least have a passing knowledge and identify what is right and what is wrong.

Copyright infringement has been taking place for decades but has been hard to police and take legal action but now with the digital and Internet age copyright infringement is easy to perpetuate but also easy to be identified and copyright infringement has taken over our lives. Common forms of infringement are in the areas of piracy of music, videos and software.

In 2003 the recording industry sued 261 music file swappers and stirred up a legal strom but most people settled out of court, this was a massive move to intimidate file sharing of music. A number of cases have been in the limelight but the first one to go on trial was the Jammie Thomas case in which the court held in favor of the recording industry.

I think if one gets educated on what is infringement and the defenses of copyright infringement like fair use and it’s limitations then most people will be able to tread more cautiously in this area. Talking of misconstruing the issue of infringement here is a lively discussion on Techdirt and RIAA vs People on whether ripping of a CD to their computer is infringement.


December 13, 2007 - Posted by | Copyright Infringement

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