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No Joking, it’s Copyright

Copyright was and is meant to protect and promote creativity, but the latest fashion is that with the advent of the new media copyright is being used by all and sundry to inhibit creativity and the sheer joy of enjoying and appreciating all forms of art.

My son takes art lessons where the instructor always puts up a picture of a painting by a famous artist, a print or picture from a magazine, book or calender and asks the students to copy it and then instructs the students on the different drawing, painting or sketching techniques. Now the teacher, the students and also me as a parent ( since I am an accomplice) should be liable for copyright infringement. Now this and other social activities like singing in the public should be banned. Hey what about repeating a joke? No, you cannot do that, now this becomes a real joke.

Hello! soon we will all have to form secret societies and take oaths to just admire, appreciate, enjoy, laugh and sing otherwise the consequences could be lawsuits, fine and even jail time (can you sing and joke in jail?), watch out the sentence maybe doubled. I know it sounds ridiculous but this whole copyright infringement thing is getting to be ridiculous and “inhuman”. Inhuman because it is against the essence of being a human being- which means sharing, creating, encouraging, this is what sets us apart from other living species of this planet. Read William Patry’s blog on Jokes and Copyright.


January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Copyright

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