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Super Tuesday!

It is Super Tuesday and soon California will decide who it wants to run for the President of the United States. I am supporting Barack Obama and as the first lady of California Maria Shriver stated, Obama stands for what California represents- openness, creativity, hope, energy, innovation and can do attitude. America is a land of immigrants and it was built on talent and cultures from all over the world and on the hard work, sweat, tears and aspirations and hope for a better future and the belief that anything is possible if given a chance and that is what the founding fathers of this great nation envisioned and wanted it to be and Obama represents that.

Somehow along the way over the years people of this country settled in for mediocrity, apathy and let their vision get blurred and let pathetic people like Bush run their lives to the ground and dullen their senses and install a sense of false fear and prejudice in their hearts and minds. It is time to throw away our cloaks of weariness and disillusionment, draw a line in the sand to move forward to take charge of our lives and the fate of this nation. Watch this video about Obama here,

Obama represents the intercultural melting pot of America being a product of different religions, races and religions. He is a great end product from a variety of ingredients stirred together. It is interesting that Obama’s father came from Kenya, sired this boy and left the country, he literally laid the seeds of greatness and went back, maybe that was all he was meant to do. Obama represents the future, youthful, he understands technology, is a supporter of net neutrality, has opposed the Iraq war from the start and he is the collective consciousness of our nation and stands for what America was envisioned to be.


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