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Google Knows!

While growing up if we did not have the answer to a question, we would say “God Knows”, but now for answers to all my questions I turn to Google. Whenever I have a query, need some information, a recipe, find an address, need to dig into someones background, need to sound knowledgeable I turn to Google and 8 out of 10 times I am rescued, so the new mantra is “Google Knows”.

My five year old is constantly typing stuff in the Google side bar and looking up stuff to watch on the computer, she knows that you can go there and search for sites like ‘star fall’, ‘PBS kids’ etc and need not have to know the address of the website and is probably more tech savvy than me.

Nowadays, if someone is talking about something I don’t know, I make a note and promptly ‘Google it’ and usually I get the information I am looking for and in the process learn a lot and I don’t have  to feel like a dork. Information and knowledge is power and it is at our finger-tips, it is amazing how I can find land, apartment prices or anything in the other corner of the world, all while sitting in the comfort of my home.

Now when I had to get out of my home to get information, I got to interact with people who could offer the information or do physical research and if that did not yield the needed data I said ‘God Knows’, now God has delegated all his knowledge and made Google his spokesperson and of-course Google is more accessible than God, so I prefer Google knows to God knows. Also with Yahoo having rejected Microsoft’s takeover bid Google is the closest messenger to God!

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