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Communicate by Text Messaging

You want to level with your kids, or have them think you are cool, get on the fast moving tech train. Kids live in a tech savvy world and to be able to communicate with them you need to scramble along and try to keep up with them at least at the periphery of their world of technology. As I had mentioned once earlier kids nowadays are wired at birth and so they might always be at least one step ahead of us in the tech game.

They spend most of their time with some sort of gadget and most of their interactions with friends and others are more in remote mode than in person. Nowadays with almost ever teenager or even preteen having a cell phone, mostly mom’s are getting into the text messaging band wagon and have began to communicate with their kids via text messages on the day to day activities and to keep track of schedules , kids get the message and use the same mode to get back. Read here. Now I better hurry up and get good at text messaging before my son becomes a teen and I almost forgot and the lingo to go along with it too!

When this become their way of life then every kid needs to have a cell phone and the communication channels of just good old talking is bound to get curtailed and will soon make us wonder as to what happened to having an eye ball to eye ball conversation, and not an eye ball to an LCD screen.


April 12, 2008 - Posted by | Technology

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