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My Bra Has Been Stolen

Continuing on the Intellectual property front, a women in is suing Victoria’s Secret stating that an idea and design for a bar that she had patented has been stolen by the famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret. This makes interesting reading and viewing from the usual dull patent infringement issues one reads about.

Katerina Plew sued in U.S. District Court in lower Manhattan, seeking unspecified triple damages (in-line with the triplets she had), and an order to force the company from infringing on her patent.  after discovering a display for the company’s “Very Sexy 100-Way Strapless Convertible Bra” saying Victoria’s Secret infringed her May 2004 patent and knew about the patent since at least April 2006.

Frank Joseph Colucci, a lawyer for Victoria’s Secret, did not immediately return a telephone message for comment on the lawsuit. Read here. Charles von Simson, Ms Plew’s lawyer, says that his client stands out from the usual inventor. “Everybody sits on the couch and says, ‘I have an idea’ and sees it a year later and says ‘that’s mine’,” he said.

This women deserves her day in court, for not only did she came up with the idea, but went ahead and spent about $12,000 to patent the product and develop a prototype and it would be totally unfair if a big company just came along and marketed it just because they had the ability to do so, when she was looking to find someone to finance her invention.


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