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Anti-Piracy House Bill

An anti-piracy bill was passed yesterday which is the Pro IP Act that was opposed by various lawyers and legal watch groups last year and labeled the “outrageously gluttonous IP bill ever introduced in the U.S.”

The bill, introduced in December by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and 17 co-sponsors and known as the Pro IP Act, is championed by a broad base of intellectual-property holders, including entertainment companies, auto parts manufacturers, drugmakers and unions. It now heads to the House floor, and advocates hope it will pass this summer.

In addition to creating the position of IP czar, the bill would amend federal copyright law to add resources to the fight against piracy and raise the ceiling on damages that could be awarded by a civil court to a rights-holder whose work had been pirated. Patry and others opposed a section backed by the music industry that has since been struck from the bill. Referred to as the “compilation clause,” it would have targeted users who illegally share music CDs, assigning penalties for each song pirated from a CD, rather than one penalty per disc.

Even though piracy is high in the U.S. it is insignificant compared to piracy of U.S. generated material in other countries like China and India. Even though anti-piracy laws are entacted in these countries, the real questions to be asked are, how effectively are these laws being enforced  and how is U.S. realistically going to stop piracy in these countries? The U.S. cannot go there are enforce it’s laws and all these bilateral treaties etc just look good on paper.


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