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Alias Persona for Social Networkworking Sites

One size does not fit all, and we change our behaviour, speech, style of dressing etc to fit the environment we are in and that is what users of social networking sites are doing. After years of throwing out inhibitions and displaying a sense of freedom by sharing all their personal and even intimate happenings on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, these users mostly younger ones are scaling back and being cautious about what they want “the world” to know about them. That is right I did use the term “the world” since what we share in these networks is no way private and the so called ‘friends’ are not like intimate people who will safeguard all that is revealed in the sites, plus now that most of these social networking sites are pretty popular and open to all, the information shared on it it, is out there for the world to see. The teenagers are being affected by it since employers and others who need to ‘check out’ them out have the information right there for them to access and not all of it is viewed in their best interests.

Even though the companies like Facebook discourage alias accounts,  people are using them to avoid prying eyes and letting few confidants  know their real identity. It is almost like the saying ” Live and Learn.” Privacy is real important especially when there are no real laws to protect our online safety and when the information we put out there is used to our detriment.

“Other people in their 20s and even teenagers are doing the same, assuming online aliases on such sites as Facebook and MySpace to avoid the prying eyes of parents, college recruiters, potential employers and other overly interested strangers. They are also being more selective in who they allow in as “friends” by paring back the size of their social circles.” Read here.

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