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Copyright Infringement Law Suit against Google in Belgium Courts

Copyright infringement claims by the Belgian newspaper association Copiepresse and Google has been ongoing from 2006. Tracing the history, in 2006 Google settled with Belgian photographers and journalists in a copyright dispute over Google linking to Belgian newspaper articles for free (read here) but in February 2007 the court ruled for the Belgian consortium Copiepresse and held that Google violated Belgium’s copyright law when it linked and published portions of articles from Belgian newspapers on its news site without permission and the court ordered Google to remove the material and pay $32,500 a day (read here) which Google did not comply with and Google in turn appealed against the Belgian court’s ruling (read here) and in now Google has been summoned before a Brussels court in September for Copiepresse states that due to copyright infringement it has suffered around $77.5 million in damages and it would be interesting to see what the appellate court holds ( read here).

In my opinion if the case had been litigated in the U.S. the courts would not have imposed such severe peanlities on Google and probably even not held Google for copyright infringement, based on the ruling in the Perfect 10 case where linking to thumb nail pictures were not held to be a copyright infringement.


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