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Google Intrudes On Privacy Laws

In an earlier post of mine I had complained about Microsoft’s Visual Earth’s aerial pictures of neighborhood residences and about invasion of privacy. Few days ago while searching my own home address I could see on Google’s street view colored images of the entire front view of my home at real close quarters with the cars parked in the driveway, clearly showing the models of the cars.

Here is an interesting story about a small town in Minnesota which sent a letter to Google asking it to remove the images of the street views of its town or risk being cited for trespassing on private property, as the street of the town were privately owned and had signs to keep off trespassers.

My current house sits facing public street but our earlier residence was a privately owned community but still one can find street view images of that property too. For some reason Google seems to flaunt all privacy laws and seems to get away with it, but I am sure that a time will come when the company will pay a heavy price for that.


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  1. Ain’t it like – if i stand on a public place i can take pictures of everything i can?

    Comment by Atis | June 27, 2008 | Reply

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