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Oh Harry Potter/ Hari Puttur!

There we go again, this time Warner Bros is filing a suit against the release of the Bollywood film “Hari Puttur” because when pronounced in American or British English accent it sounds like “Harry Potter”. This is so ridiculous and shows clear ignorance, intolerance and unwillingnessto open up to different languages and cultures of the world.

‘Hari’ is a very common name in India and means God, and in Punjabi puttur means son, so “Hari puttur” could mean either the son of God or the son of a man named Hari. When said with an Indian or Punjabi accent it no way sounds like “Harry Potter”. Please Warner Bros don’t exhibit your ignorance, intolerance and desperation by filing legal suits in India, they will be thrown out. The movie Hari Puttur doesn’t have anything common to the movie “Harry Potter”.  J.K. Rowling should spend her time writing books and not filing law suits all over the world. She has a law suit in the U.S. which is defended by the Stanford law school ‘Fair Use’ project.

Last year there was another law suit filed in India stating that the pandal or structure for a Durga puja celebration was similar to the Hogwarts building in the film Harry Potter, but the courts in India dismissed the law suit.


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  1. to be fair, rowling isn’t the one who’s filing the lawsuit; warner bros. is. if warner bros.’ intentions in doing this are actually as they claim, they’re clearly money-hungry and out of control. however, it seems to me that this is their attempt to divert the fans’ eyes away from their decision to delay half-blood prince to next july which, by the way, is also driven by their desire to make more profits.

    Comment by ahoy | August 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Harri Puttar Won against Harry Potter

    A court in India has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Warner Brothers against the makers of a film called “Hari Puttar”. In dismissing the lawsuit the Delhi High Court said audiences could tell the differences between Harry Potter and Hari Puttar. “Harri Puttar” will open in 200 cinemas across India on Friday, and is slated to open in a few weeks in the US and Britain.

    Comment by Senthil | September 25, 2008 | Reply

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