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There is so much noise about delaying the switch to digital broadcasts from analog transmission, and the FCC has said that it would not allow 123 stations to switch on Feb. 17 as originally scheduled. Congress postponed the deadline last week to June 12, citing concerns that many people were unprepared for the move to digital. FCC said it reserved the right to prevent stations from switching if it posed a public safety threat to particular markets since people who received digital signals on analog televisions would lose access to important public safety information and local news alerts.

For years people have been told that on such and such date there will no longer be analog transmission but still, people are not ready. To know about the difference between analog and digital, read here.

Basically, people are so addicted to watching TV that they cannot imagine a few days without sitting in front of the tube, that is the only disaster, that would happen in their lives, and not really any “important public safety information or local news alerts”. There are other media and channels through which these can be received. I basically never watch TV, I feel that if it is important enough, I will find out about it anyway.


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