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DMCA in Canada

Micheal Geist a copyright expert and a law professor at the University of Ottawa started a movement against the Canadian government enacting a law in Canada which would be similar to the United States DMCA law, which is being opposed by various organizations in the US.

The problem with DMCA is that is opposed to the “fair use” principle that is a defense for copyright infringement and fair use helps foster innovation and creativity. The DMCA has been used by the copyright holders as a muzzle to stop creating something different out of what already exists. As mentioned in my previous post the copyright holder can send a take-down notice under the safe harbor provision of the DMCA.

Professor Geist has been instrumental in campaigning against the Canadian bill through Facebook which ended up with about 20,000 people protesting against the bill and for now the bill has been set aside till next year for reconsideration.


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