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Piracy- movie copies captured by cell phones

As technology advances intellectual property issues will also be growing leaps and bounds. One of the most common issues in the world of creativity is copyright infringement via piracy of books, movies and music. In my last blog entry I had written about YouTube and the piracy issues it faces and how the media world is incurring millions of dollars as loss in revenue because of rampant piracy problems.

With people looking at ways to make money at little or no cost, pirated copies of books, music and movies have a huge underground market. Most of us have had a chance to watch a pirated movie where the copy is made by recording the movie from the original version by a camcorder in the movie theater and we know that the quality is real bad.

The latest tool used in movie piracy is the cell phone which can be used stealthily since the mobile phones nowadays have a long battery life with powerful cameras. Now I think this whole cell phone movie copying thing is hyped up. Sure, recording a movie with a cell phone does amount to piracy but really one cannot sit there and record the whole movie or even good parts of it and have any kind of quality both in terms of the picture and sound. Parts of the movie can be uploaded in YouTube but like I said in my previous blog YouTube is soon coming out with it’s latest technology to combat piracy so watch out!


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