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Beyond GPS

I am directionally challenged so when the Global Positioning System (GPS) came out and I bought (actually my husband bought me) a vehicle with it I thought I was all set, but here I read that it is no longer about getting from point A to point B and with advancement in digital technology companies like Navteq Corp, rival Tele Atlas and also Google are providing more information that people want, like where to jog in another city, where the nearest 24 hour gas stations are, one-way signs, turn restrictions, lane information etc and the list keeps growing based on customer demands.

Another product that Navteq has is called Advanced Driver Assistance System which has cool features like it turns headlights to match the road’s curves, changes the transmission as the car approaches a large hill and warns the driver when a lane line is crossed without a turn signal.

So, the present day GPS seems to be in its infancy but that is great because these latest digital technologies will definitely help directionally challenged people like me.


August 8, 2007 Posted by | Digital technology | 1 Comment