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Faith, Courage and Love

Here is a sad but uplifting saga of two families struggles when the husbands/fathers were framed on charges of murder and convicted for life sentence. For 30 years the wives kept the families together by doing whatever it took (and it took a lot) and by totally believing that their husbands did not commit the crime. They made sure that the children maintained a relationship with their father and preserved the men’s feeling of worthiness by standing behind them, for if their families did not believe in their innocence or give their unconditional love these men would have nothing to live for. The money that has been awarded to these families is substantial and even if they do get it will it bring back 30 years of tears, humiliation, agony, hardship, deprivation of a husband, a father, loss of companionship, not being there to provide for your kids (that is so important for a man), watch the kids grow up and the delight in spending time with them while they are growing up, the sheer wastage of youth, denial of happiness and joy to these innocent young men? Now for every such story that is published there must be hundreds that go through similar fate.


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