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Google’s Physical Empire in Silicon Valley

Of course, Google has taken over the Internet, but what about it’s growing empire in Mountain View. People living in and around Silicon Valley have by now got used to seeing Google’s buildings all over Amphitheater parkway and Charleston road most of which were previously owned by Silicon Graphics before Google took over the city of Mountain View which is the heart of Silicon Valley.

For for people who work there it is a city within a city and if he/she is single there is no reason for them to leave the campus since the company entices you with free gourmet food 24×7 and has on site doctors, car wash, dry cleaning, gym, hairstylists, message therapy, fitness classes and boy even bike repair. All this person needs to do is find a companion on site! Also the Googlers throw Frisbees, sit on colorful exercise balls, and go around campus on bikes. Now did the forget the pets, oh yes there are all sorts of pets too. Read here.

The flip side to all this is that the mighty elephant that it has morphed into has increased the traffic in Mountain View, displaced other companies for it to grow and best of all the co-founders land their private airplanes at NASA’s Moffet Federal Airfield! Wow, money can buy you almost anything.


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