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Google’s GPay

Google has filed a patent for a mobile phone payment system. The text message payment patent details a system where Google offers a mobile focused payment, this payment method is called GPay. Using text messages, the system dubbed would authenticate payments, debit the purchaser’s account, and credit the seller’s account. It is likely that the GPay will be embedded in the Gphone, which is yet to be launched in the US.

Google already has an online payment system called Google Checkout which is a competitor to ebay’s Paypal. The difference between GPay and Google Checkout is that the GPay will allow users to make payments at retail shops using their mobile phone but the Google Checkout can only be used for online purchases. This mobile payment system joins in with the other existing services like search engines, email, and maps that Google already has available in mobile phones.

The rumors are that the GPay maybe exclusively embedded in the GPhone, but I don’t think Google will do that and limit it’s market potential but on the other hand one will have to wait and see what the GPhone offers. Exclusive embedding will be similar to Windows and Microsoft and we might just learn to deal with the GPhone and it’s potential issues like we do with all the Window’s inadequacies. Now with with the mobile phones becoming a person’s Internet, banking, communication, entertainment system, one might have to guard their phones more than than their lives.


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