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Legal or Illegal Immigration- that is the question…

Throughout centuries people have immigrated from one part of the world  to another either on their own or forced by colonial powers. The United States is a land of immigrants and symbolizes hope, freedom and ability to reach one’s god given potential.

Robert Rector writes a comprehensive short paper analyzing the new immigration bill, he say that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA S.2611) would change the character of the nation. While I think immigration is necessary and immigrants have contributed a lot in the past, present and will in the future, anyone wanting to immigrate must follow the rules and seek legal immigration in the available categories.

Under the new bill giving amnesty to about 10 million illegal immigrants sends the message that anyone can enter and stay illegally and it also penalizes people who follow the system, try to enter legally and seek residency. It demoralizes people’s belief in the system and encourages breaking the law. In my opinion the merit based point sytem that some other nations follow is the way to go, it will stop this mass influx of illegal immigrants and the government can assess the inflow and be prepared for it.

Most of the illegal immigrants are unskilled workers who are exploited by the society and businesses and as long as the United States depends on unskilled immigrant workers to do the menial or labor intensive jobs, there will always be illegal immigration.  


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