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Kudos to these Indian Business Women!

Indra Nooyi who is the CEO of PepciCo topped the list of the most powerful women on Fortune magazine’s 10th annual list of the 5o most powerful women in business. Read here. Three more Indian women made it to the list of the 50 global leaders. Chanda Kochhar who is the deputy managing director of ICICI Bank was at the 33rd postion, followed by Naina Lal Kidwai who is the head of HSBC bank in India was ranked number 38 and at number 50 was Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who is the CEO of Biocon and she is India’s richest self made business women.

This makes me real proud for all that is publicized by the media is how downtrodden and oppressed women in India are.  Like in any other country including the US where the differences are not so apparent India has it’s share of women being mistreated and having to play a subservient role, but traditionally women in Indian culture have been revered and the female goddesses like Shakthi, Lakshmi and Saraswati have been worshipped along side male gods. Women have ruled the country and the current president of India is a women and at home the women rules even if it is not apparent from outside. Even India is called “mother India!”


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