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ConnectU files lawsuit against Facebook

Still talking about Facebook and it’s huge popularity gain over all other social networking sites, a rival company called ConnectU out of Connecticut has filed a law suit to shut down Facebook alleging that it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg stole ConnectU’s ideas.

The lawsuit’s allegations against Zuckerberg include fraud, copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. Facebook was launched in February of 2004 and ConnectU went online on May of the same year, now ConnectU claims that the three month head start gave Facebook a tremendous advantage and so now has 31 million users compared to 70,000 users of ConnectU.

Now could a three month lead make all that difference in sheer number of users. I doubt it, Facebook is obviously doing something right to get the lion’s share of the market.

The original lawsuit was filed in 2004 and while the matter is still under litigation, Facebook has focused on growing so large and becoming the number one social networking site in the world, to the extent that Yahoo offered to buy it for 1 billion dollars and now after Facebook turned down that offer Yahoo is developing it’s own social networking site called Yahoo Mosh and Google is doing the same called Socialstream. Now we hope these new social networking sites turn out to be different and unique from the existing ones.


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