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Start a Campaign by Social Networking

Continuing on the other uses of social networking sites, Facebook the premier networking site had been in recent news about how a Canadian backpacker accidentally became a political activist by using one of the features of Facebook that enables a person to start a campaign to create the “Support the monks protests in Burma.” The teenager Alex Bookbinder himself was surprised at how the site grew like wildfire and since it’s launch on September 19th thousands have joined to show their support. The Buddhist monks in Myanmar were protesting the military rule and supporting pro democracy which led to a violent crackdown by the government. To hear the voices and message of these protesters in the “olden days” apart from the hard paper news, television and the radio there would have been no other way, but now because of the Internet and border-less communities of social networking sites medium, massive tsunami effect of real individuals voices, emotions, feelings and insights are being expressed and also being heard throughout the world. Social networking sites have become a great platform for people to have their voices heard and also for other people to hear the voices of the masses and respond to it.


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