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With our lives being intertwined with the Internet the most common legal issues are related to copyright infringement and it could be in the area of movies, music, books, software or other art work. Here is an article about several Hollywood studios suing a Chinese online service Internet cafe called accusing them of offering pirated downloads of movies and the studios targeted “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

From customers can download movies and television series onto their computers. It is stated that pirated DVDs can be bought on China’s street for $1.00, but it is true of India too where pirated DVDs and books can be openly purchased for a fraction of the original costs and I am sure that is true of many other countries.

In fact one does not have to go to China or India just visit a local ethnic video store right here in the US and pirated copies of the latest ethnic movies will be available even while the movie is still playing in the theaters and the cost of renting them is incredibly cheap and the prints real good, and at times the store owner will nonchalantly state it’s a “fresh copy” just made!

Copyright infringement is all around us and in lots of our simple day to day activities too and the only crime is getting caught and lately the movie and music industry has taken a strong stance and have started suing the infringers.


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