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Google launches it’s Gphone in India!

Wall Street Journal had an article early this month that Google was to launch a mobile phone, and some of the reasons stated was that Google generates tons of ad dollars and with it’s own mobile phone it can generate a lot more ad dollars. Apart from that by launching it’s own phone it can bundle in all its applications like Google maps, Gmail, camera, videao, built in Wi-Fi technology, Global Positioning System etc. Now, Apple better watch out…

But now Google seems all set to roll out it’s Gphone to the world and the stage is to be set in India. Now most technological innovations are launched in the US, but with India suddenly being the “in place” and definitely not a country to be disregarded, Google is all set to launch it’s new Gphone with India as a back drop.

In the US, Google is waiting for the regulatory approval and it will be interesting to see if the Gphone will cause the same excitement and will have as much sex appeal as the iPhone.


August 25, 2007 Posted by | Google's Gphone | 2 Comments