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Virtual Police Officers in China’s Internet

In my recent post on Google in China, I had written about how much of the information found on the Internet in China is censored by the government and if an individual is looking for information that the government considers sensitive or illegal then that user’s access to that site is either blocked or is redirected to somewhere else.

Continuing with this policy the Communist government now policies the Internet with male and female police officers. Animated officers on the beat will pop up on the screen warning the web users to abide by the law as these cartoon police zoom either in a car, motorcycle or by foot.

The government keeps a tight leash on it’s citizens and their lives which include their activities in the virtual world of Internet too if the government considers it to be politically or morally threatening. This is what is known as ruling by fear, a constant vigilance and threat is enveloped around people’s lives so that they will stay in toe and the government can keep the citizens in it’s clutches.

The one positive aspect of these virtual police is that if any user needs the assistance of a real police officer then by clicking on one of these cartoon police images the user will be directed to the real police authorities.


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